The Collective Intelligence based Program to Accelerate Achieveme
The Collective Intelligence based Program to Accelerate Achieveme
  • The CIPAA-SDGs Program

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     Collective intelligence is AI for crowds, a group decision-making system that identifies chains of opportunities to cooperate. And collective intelligence removes the limits to scaling cooperation, so that where the dollar value of that cooperation is greater than zero, cooperation can be scaled until it’s large enough to pay for solving the problem.  Through these capabilities, collective intelligence has the capacity to radically increase collective outcomes, such as the well-being of the developing world, and the environment that well-being depends on.

    The CIPAA-SDGs Program


    The principles of collective intelligence have been used to design the CIPAA-SDGs, a ten phase program to close the $23 trillion gap between the funding required to achieve the SDGs, and the funding available to do so. This program builds infrastructure that can be replicated to other regions to increase the number of regions incentivized to cooperate. And in each phase, the program builds collective intelligence technologies and solutions that further increase impact of each subsequent phase, and that create the capacity to incorporate additional SDGs.

    CIPAA-SDGs doesn’t require additional donor funding. It simply aligns donor activity to multiply impact while targeting the same areas of poverty, economic development, climate change, lack of access to affordable education, healthcare, and a wide range of other SDGs at unprecedented scale. Learn more here.

    An Engine for Change

     We call this model of collective intelligence a “change engine” because it has the capacity to drive a global transformation in well-being. And when enough mind share is built to enable massive participation, the change engine may ignite to drive the change you want to see in the world. To build this mind share, we’re launching a Center for Collective Intelligence in the Caribbean where the pilot will be launched. Learn more from the upcoming crowdfunding campaign for this Center here

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